Confessions From a Yarn Hoarder

Nothing like being around wonderful, funny and creative women who have the same compulsion I do: YARN HOARDING!!! Don’t need to explain it, apologize for it, hide it or be quiet about it!

Last night my friend Christine Buffaloe and I ventured out to a Knitting Meet-Up. Going out at night isn’t my favorite thing to do, but it was well worth it! These women were great and some of them even had pictures of their home yarn displays on their phones- loved it!

My husband doesn’t get it and granted, he sees $$$ when he takes a gander at my very, very special yarn stash. Let me just admit to this; in the past I’ve snuck yarn in and hidden it.

However, I’m trying a new tactic of not buying yarn or if I do I show him what I’ve gotten.

Yes, I get shaky sometimes and break out in a sweat when the need to touch and buy new yarn pops up. I just know I’m missing new things and found out about one of them last night.

I knew it!!!

Obviously the yarn I have now is comprised of different yarns that I absolutely couldn’t live without at the time. Something tells me that that is exactly what will happen if I relapse into buying yarn! Love it then and don’t later. Something also tells me that this situation is going to be with me for a looong

Good thing I’ve found fellow yarn hoarders who truly understand!

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